Instant Oatmeal

August 4, 2013

How busy are we getting when we need to make instant oatmeal?  I mean, seriously, how flat do they have to roll those oats in order to get them to cook in an instant, as opposed to waiting five minutes (Like forever!) for the regular oats?  And how mushy do you want your mush?  

Just so you know, I had home-made blueberry pancakes, made with organic spelt flour, fresh berries, maple syrup, and hand whipped whipping cream for breakfast today.  I ate like a king!  I just happened to see instant oatmeal when I was buying the real deal recently.

Speaking of mush I do 10 minutes of brain exercises every morning to keep my brain from turning to instant oatmeal.   From clueless to clever in only ten minutes a day.  

And I saw a four-minute workout the other day that I think I can squeeze into my busy schedule

And there are dozens of instant devotionals you can use to get your daily spiritual hit in a hurry.  From   שטותי  to   כלפי-, בכיוון  in ten minutes a day.

 I try to learn a new song on the guitar, and if I don’t pick it up right away I am liable to abandon it quickly.  Might I say instantly.  (On a revelatory note, I am such a poor student of guitar, that by the time I do learn a song I am usually tired of it.)

Instant oats are like instant anything, less substantive. Like instant messaging, which requires less thought, instant credit, which requires less discipline, instant face lift (Who are you trying to quickly impress?)  To try to ironically prove my point, I typed “instant” into my web browser, followed by the letter “a”, then “b”, then…well I would continue but I know you want instant results so, I’ll cut to the chase.  If you look for it, you can have, in alphabetical order instant…. approval  –  background check  –  domain search  –   espresso  –  face lift  –  gratification  –  hot water  –  ice  –  jello  –  karma  –  loans  – messenger  –  noodles  –  oil change  (You thought I was going to put oatmeal here didn’t you?)  –  payday  –  quinoa  (I know, you thought I would stick with Quaker oatmeal here didn’t you?)  –  rewards  –  star  –   tax service  –  upload  –  video  –  win  –  x-ray  –  yeast…

And I will bet that instant Zen is not that far away.

Perhaps in part to combat my tendency towards desiring instant answers to my prayers, I sat through two worship services this morning.

This week, I am going to try to have a substantive conversation; I’ll prepare more meals in a slow-cooker, and read an entire book in the Bible, rather than just John 11:35.  I’ll take a long bike ride, a long nap and I will laugh long.

And all the while I will try to remember that God’s timing is perfect, so I will try to keep pace with what HE wants me to do, and do it when he wants me to do it.


Instant obedience?  Clever idea.  It’ll never last.



Quickly now….what do you try to hurry through?  Where do you want instant answers or instant results?



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