Just Two Drops

August 3, 2013

I made oatmeal recently.  It was a cool morning, and the oats offered a nice, healthy change of pace.  I like oatmeal.  To make it even better, Diane likes it when I scoop in a tablespoon of dark chocolate.  She’s right, that makes it even better.

This morning when she sat down at the table she said, “Did you add peppermint?” Very perceptive!

So, here’s the recipe….two cups of water…a shake of the salt shaker…one cup of oats…one tablespoon of dark unsweetened cocoa…and….TWO DROPS of peppermint oil.]

Just two drops.

What are you working on right now where two drops of love will change the flavor?

With whom are you interacting where two drops of grace will show the love of God to someone who really needs it?

What frustrating project could use two drops of fun?

What relationship needs two drops of forgiveness?

What competency needs two drops of humility?

Which stress are you under that could use two drops of peace?

Kindness? Gentleness?   Patience?   Compassion?

What can you flavor with just two drops of Justice?


Just two drops can change everything.



If you could add two drops of something to something, what would it be, and to what would it be added?


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