Stained Glass Windows

June 8, 2013

A lllllooooooonnnnngggg time ago Keith Green had a great song called Stained Glass Windows.  That song is reflected in the people and places that inspired me this week.

The best of this week

My favorite blogger is inspiring and encouraging everyday.  But on Sunday’s she speaks to things that touch us all.  Even if we are not interested in gardening, decorating and other lifestyle issues, Sunday’s Joy Day! is always a great reminder of how we can better reflect the light of the Father, or how we might just need it to shine on us and warm our hearts from time to time.  Check out JOY DAY! here  

There is always something in the news, even so-called “Christian” news about churches or church people who do heinous things.  It is so inspiring to read of a church that thinks of the community outside of their church walls when it comes to investing in the world on behalf of the kingdom.  Or maybe they are investing in the Kingdom on behalf of the world.  Here is a great kindnesss by a church letting Christ shine through them.  

When people look at us, do we more readily reflect the world and cultures around us, or do we reflect the culture of our Home Kingdom?  Do we let the Light shine through us by our behavior?  Every time I listen to, or read this guy, I am convicted.  And I grow a little bit.  Sometimes a lot. I want to lead a supernatural life.  

Favorite music video(s).  We have a tie here.  I’m really liking Brother McClurg. This song was exactly what I needed to sing this week.  The only way this is going to work is if we let Him Shine Through Us.

And Rend Collective Experiment spoke to my heart this week as well .  I wonder where I could find a Jingling Johnny?  We Are The Church  

Enjoy and respond.

What touched your heart, soul, or mind this week?


And if you want to laugh and learn, watch this one.  



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