Are your Kids Getting In The Way?

April 21, 2013

We were out for a walk on this beautiful sunny spring afternoon and we came across an incident that almost brought me to tears.

A young man was working in his yard, a huge pile of mulch filling the end of his driveway.  He was shoveling the mulch into a wheelbarrow as his young son “helped.”  We watched as we walked for a couple of minutes, and every single time the young man scooped up a shovel full of mulch he had to shift one way or another to move around his your son, who wanted to be right there. 

Almost any dad I know would grow tired and say something like, “Would you get out of my way?” just in the short time I was walking by.  But this dad patiently moved himself out of the way with every scoop.  And then when the wheelbarrow was filled he scooped up his son and put him in the wheelbarrow with the mulch, and off they went to unload somewhere else.

I wept.  For this father, being with his son was worth more than efficiently doing his yard work.  He spoke love to son with every shovel full of mulch, without saying a word.  He shouted to his child, “You are more important than anything.” With every step he took.

He had his priorities straight.

Will the yard work take longer with his little boy helping?  You bet, probably twice as long as it would take if his son was safely ensconced in front of the television.  But guess what, as years go by, when this dad speaks, the son will listen.  When this dad warns, the child will heed.  When this dad directs, the child will follow.

And when this dad puts this little boy to bed, the child will lie down in peace and sleep the sleep of the loved.

There are many ways to train up a child.  I was blessed to witness one of the best.  I don’t know the child or his father, but I know without a doubt there is one child in my little village who knows that his daddy loves him more than anything.


How can you speak love into your child today?

Are there any projects you are working on that would be slowed down, but greatly enriched with the interruption of your child?



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