Praying For Your Kids. #7

February 2, 2013

If you have ever lost a night’s sleep to worry, illness, or argument( even if it wasn’t your worry, illness or argument) you know how debilitating that can be.  On the other hand, if you have ever had one of those beautiful, restful, uninterrupted night’s sleep, you know how healing that can be.  And regardless if you are one of those who is blessed with the ability to drop quickly off to sleep or not, your prayers can ensure that your children sleep well.

It seems that the best rest test is whether or not we are living in the joy of God and in His peace.  So, I guess some of us can  (and should)start by praying this prayer for ourselves, and to  be strength-filled, joy-filled and peace-filled enough to then begin praying over our children.

I pray that the light of Your face would shine down on my child and fill his/her heart with joy.  I pray that my child would lie down and sleep in peace.  (# 7 from

Every lullaby is designed to help a child to sleep peacefully.  Why we give up on that concept as our children grow up is beyond me.  Of course most children would think a lullaby was too childish for them, but there is nothing at all childish about our need, and our children’s need for a peaceful night’s sleep.  It truly affects every other part of our life.  Fortunately, prayer is more effective than the best of Brahms.

Two things that I know help anyone sleep better.  JOY and PEACE.   And if both of those blessings are from God, how much better will be the rest.

This isn’t rocket science, folks.  If we just give a little thought to how and what we pray with and for our kids, we can begin to unleash to power of God’s blessings for our kids.

And again, if we are living without joy and peace, our children certainly are missing it as well.  I think, as much as we may assume otherwise, that our kids get both their joy and their peace tanks filled up at home, from mom and dad.  Mom and dad get their joy and peace, not from job security or a healthy human relationships.  Security and relationships are a byproduct of joy and peace, not the other way around.  And real joy and peace come from a close connection with God the Father.

If we want our children to have a joyful, peaceful sleep, we need to pray for those blessings, not just for our kids, but ourselves as well.  Then we can watch God say, “YES!” to both of our prayers.



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