Praying For Your Children #3

January 14, 2013

Think for a moment about the friends you made when you were younger. How many of your friends would you choose for your child?   Are you one of the fortunate, who chose well and lived in a location where that blessing was a part of your life?  Or were you in a position of being constantly surrounded by kids your parents would not invite over for dinner?

How much say do you have in the friends your child makes?  Much more than you can imagine, and it goes way beyond saying, “No, you cannot spend time with that person.”  As you pray for your child, pray for the people who will influence them, for the people they will call a friend.

Here’s prayer # 3 from iMOM   

“Lord, I pray that you would surround (my child) with companions of character – friends that love at all times, even through adversity.”

I know that some of you are thinking, “I hardly have enough time to pray for my children, how can I pray for their friends, too?”  The reality is, if you are praying for their friends you are praying for your child at the same time.  The second reality is that at some point, very soon, your child will spend more time with their friends, or want to, than they do with you. Your child may even trust their friends more than they trust you.  So don’t we want them to be with someone trustworthy?  Of course we do.

I often pray that the kids I have even a modicum of influence over will be the most influential kids in their class.  Kids who choose to follow Jesus can be leaders in school and in life.

But most will not be the influencer, they will be the influenced.   So our prayers must be, not only for discerning kids, but discerning friends.  Praying for the friends of our kids just makes sense.  We need to pray that our children are surrounded by other kids and adults who are of strong character; upright, wise and thoughtful; kind, generous and caring.

We all want our kids to be a good friend; we should also want our kids to have a good friend.

Do you know your children’s close friends?  

What are the major influences of the friends of your children?

Do yo know their parents?  


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