Five things that gave me joy today.

June 28, 2012

Some days joy is not easy to find.  Today it was around every corner.  Here are five places I found joy today that you may also find it.

1.  Finding my clever, creative, inspiring wife’s blog listed first when I searched for An Extraordinary Day.  I think most of you will like it.  Many of you will Love it.

2.  Reading the Gospel of Mark.  Right to the point.  The shortest gospel, no need to take two or three days.  It can be read in one sitting.  Check it out here.

3.  Reading one mother’s account of  reading the Bible with her children.  This is a must read parents!

4.  Listening to Jesse Cook.  Almost all of his music makes me smile, especially  and

5.  Having a grilled pizza, cooked on a charcoal grill, for supper at the Connections Cafe.   Great food, reasonable prices.

May you find joy around every corner!





2 Responses to “Five things that gave me joy today.”

  1. And my joy today. Getting to spend my entire day with you. It was good!

  2. Sue Bell said

    #1 – check. #2 – check. #3 – check. #4 – check. #5 – well, I’ll have to find something close to hone, I guess. Thanks for sharing your joy, Tim, and making me more mindful of the joy in my life.

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