What brings you to tears?

June 2, 2012

I received a thoughtful word from a dear, far away friend recently, and it is hard for me to even think, let alone write.  But my silence must be broken and the powerful words I received have broken my drought.

When discussing a certain artist, my friend/brother/student/teacher said, “I always think of you, when I listen to him, because he speaks of his faith as such a powerful force.  Something I didn’t believe existed, until I begged a God I didn’t believe in for help and he responded.”

I have been praying almost daily for this person for more than thirty years.  His journey has been almost too difficult for me to imagine sometimes.  For the past several years he has been walking through both unimaginable difficulties, and at the same time experiencing, perhaps discovering joy.

My friend has a way with words that, while I admire, it often brings me to tears.  He articulates his faith journey with honesty and simplicity and depth and wonder all at once.  When Jesus said, “Unless you become like little children…” I think he was describing this particular faith journey.  Oh sure, a billion others as well, but still, when one gets to the point of being open and honest with one’s self and ones creator, things start to happen.

Big things.

Like Nicodemus, we may go after dark to ask questions that scare the hell out of us, but not knowing the answers is even more frightening.  My friend is knocking, seeking and asking, and in that search he will find.

And that brings me to tears.

I could simply not have survived the journey that this friend has taken.  Actually, when I think about it, I could not survive the journey that any and every other soul on the planet has taken.  Only the one plugged in to my own personal GPS will get me safely to my destination.  But I can laugh and cry with others as they share their journey journals with me.  These are the stories that bring me to tears.  Not a fictitious drama played out on the video screen, rarely do even the best ramblings of the best writers move me to tears.  But when a journey, a true story is told, and I know even a bit of the back story, I connect.  Tears almost always come with that kind of blessing.

So what moves you?  What brings you to tears?


One Response to “What brings you to tears?”

  1. Such eloquent words penned by your friend.

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