April 8, 2012

I was wandering around Facebook this afternoon, and ran across an internet “comic strip” called Coffee With Jesus.    I read the first one and it made me smile.  I read a couple more and actually chuckled, so I decided to stay a while.  It didn’t take long, however, before Jesus started to sound a bit sarcastic; a little while longer and he was being smarmy. 

I quite reading.  I didn’t like a smarmy, sarcastic, mean-spirited Jesus.  He may have been pointed, direct even, but never for the purpose of humiliation or humor.   Jesus would always speak the truth in love. 

And then the Holy Spirit asked me, “So,why do you think anyone would like your smarmy, sarcastic comments?”

Hmmmmmmm!  I must admit that my default setting for humor is often sarcasm.  It used to be puns; for a while I specialized in self-deprecatory humor.  I never wanted to be a smart Alec, but somehow, probably because it is so easy, I wandered down that path.  Humor with just a twist of meanness is somehow easier.  With that type of humor we don’t have to really think, we can just rattle off the first thing that comes to our minds, and it is almost always at the expense of somebody else.

Coffee With Jesus reminded me that I need to be slow to speak, that I need to stop and think, and mostly, that I should not let any unwholesome words come out of my mouth.  Speak truth with love.

I may need your help with that, so feel free to remind me if I get smarmy.


Thank you.


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