Success! ?

March 12, 2012

Is what we are doing each week making any difference?  Are lives being changed for good?  How can we tell?     Sometimes success is easy to measure: we had three million kids at VBS!Other times it is difficult: could anybody hear us through all that noise?  But we must try to determine whether or not we are helping families and helping children grow.   Here are just a few of the questions I try to ask as we evaluate our ministries.

  1. Are kids choosing to follow Christ?  The most important thing we can do is introduce kids to Jesus and show them how they can become a Christ follower.   Love God.
  2. Do the look or act differently because they are following Jesus?  Are they learning to obey God?   Love God
  3. Are they experiencing growth in community?  Are they learning to articulate their faith among friends, while helping their friends learn to articulate their faith?   Love others.
  4. Are they sharing their faith and inviting their friends to church?  If we are making a difference, if we are helping families, kids and parents will want others to be a part also. Love the World.
  5. Are they giving-are they learning the blessing of generosity?  Kids will change the world when they are willing to invest their own resources.  Love the world.

These are just a few of the Next Steps we hope kids make on their walk with Christ.  What steps would you add?


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