Big Questions

February 21, 2012

We will be talking about several “Big Questions”  in the coming days and weeks.  Questions I hope our leaders, and children can wrestle with as they grow in their relationship with God.  Last week’s question was “How does knowing Jesus change who I am and what I do?”  If you have thoughts I’d love to hear them.  But this week we have a new question, and I really would like to hear what you all have to say.

The BIG Question of the week:    How can I best express love and worship to God?  The answer to this question is affected by so many variables.  But if we don’t ask it regarding every age-group we will end up singing silly songs with Larry.  I am grateful that Sara has a heart for God, and heart for kids and she can sing and help kids sing.  But even more important is the fact that Sarah knows how to worship and lead kids in worship.  We have talked a fair amount and will continue to do so, but here are a few of my thoughts on the subject.

  • Music can be horizontal – people-to-people, or it can be vertical, people-to-God, and if we are blessed, God-to-people.  My hope is that all music that we sing during kids worship times is vertical.  If we reach towards God, he will reach towards us.
  • Music can be fun and worshipful.  It can be joyful, and still be worshipful.  Both loud and soft music can connect with kids who want to connect with God.
  • Repetition may bore adults to tears, but kids thrive on the familiar.
  • The time given to worship with kids can set the tone for the whole morning.  Actually it can set the tone for the whole week.


Why do I like motion and movement with kids worship?  Simple…it makes it more memorable.  It involves more of the person and therefore employees more learning styles.  It employees more brain cells so it sticks longer.  Oh, yea, it is more fun.  There is nothing wrong with having fun with God, is there?

How you can help?  Sing.  Loud.  Move if you can.  Be present.    Also, you can think about the Big Question: How can I best express love and worship to God?   In light of the age group you work with what can we do better or differently to help kids express love and worship to God.

I’d love to hear from you.

“You’re rich in love, and Your slow to anger.    Your name is great and Your heart is kind.  For all Your goodness, I will keep on singing;   Ten thousand reasons for my heart to find.”  (Matt Redman, Ten Thousand Reasons

 Keep singing!


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