December 10, 2011

I just read a Facebook post that started with “I am speechless.  I am at a loss for words.”  But then they found them.  At least seventy-five more of them.  I say this with affection for the one who wrote those words but they started my mind down that particular rabbit trail.

What makes us speechless?  At a loss for words?  personally I have never been at a loss for words.  Certainly I’ve been at a loss for words of value, this post being a notable example.  But it seems I always have something to say, even when I should just shut up.  Like now for instance.

One of my favorite Bugs Bunny cartoons involves a gangster telling Bugs to “shut up”  and finally to  “Shut up shuttin’ up.”

So maybe I will.



3 Responses to “Speechless.”

  1. Sue said

    Maybe, when a person possesses a very, very full Word Bank, “a loss of words” means less words, not no words and speech-less means less speech, not no speech.

  2. Sarah C. said

    I am speechless, I’m astonished and amazed. I am silenced by Your wondrous grace ….. — Stephen Curtis Chapman. Another great song!

    • Tim Miller said

      I think there are few things that should leave us speechless.
      Trying to comprehend the love of God and the love of our spouse are just a couple.

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