When the big hand is on the twelve…

November 29, 2011

If you have read any of my posts recently (Few they are, I admit.) you know that I got a new watch battery.  It’s a really cool watch, not costly, not at all extravagant.  It has a broken leather band that further cheapens its appearance, but it keeps good time, and there is a little gold mouse where the “12” belongs.

I like it partially because it has three dials and a mouse in addition to a big hand and a little hand.  One dial shows the moon phase, one shows the day and the third shows the date.  I say that they show them, when in reality they merely indicate  them, little pointers point in the correct general direction.  I think with leap year and thirty-day months, the dials really do little more than approximate  the day and date.  I don’t bother adjusting the silly thing every time there is a short month.  I have better ways of determining what day of the month it is than by looking at my watch.  I ask somebody. 

I bought this watch because I like the way it looks, but the truth of the mater is, the day and date indicators are marked in a size four font, and I can’t read them without a magnifying glass.  Interesting, the watch looks good but is not so easy to see. Well at least I can tell time with it.

I have to examine my life in light of my watch.  Are there any superfluous dials I’ve attached to make myself appear to be more than I am, yet do nothing significant?  Are there any seemingly attractive appendages that point in the wrong direction most of the time?   Do I have a life of substance, or is it mostly useless dials and unnecessary gears?  Is my fine print truly fine, or is it simply too small to read, and therefore irrelevant?

Perhaps the bigger questions regarding my watch and my life is, do I do that for which I was designed, or am I wasting space and time?  Am I fighting the watchmaker at every twist of the stem, or am I cooperating?

Do we merely look good?  Does the image change under magnification?

Just as we know where to go to replace the battery and band, we also know where to go to get the most out of life.  We  know where to go to get our hands (and feet) pointing in the right direction.  We know who can get us running on time and in tune.  But do we do what it takes, or simply hope no one looks at us with a magnifying glass?

We are put together with more care than we can possibly imagine, and we are worth more than a Rolex to our Father.  Our part is simply to cooperate, and operate the way we were made.   And to welcome the occasional recharge and refurbishing our Maker recommends.


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