New routines

November 19, 2011

We have been in our new community for just over a month now, and I have noticed a few routines that I have not practiced in the past.  I’ve notice them for a couple of reason:  1) I don’t have a lot of routines, I am a bit spontaneous.  I’m not saying that with any pride, I think there are a few areas where I need more routine, and the discipline they bring.  2) although I have moved before I have never needed to create these particular habits, which is probably why I have noticed them.  So without further ado, here are at least a few of the new habits, or routines I have developed since moving to PA.

1.  Rise before the sun  It’s actually a blessing to start earlier.  At the last couple of places I worked few people arrived at work before nine, unless they were getting a free breakfast.  Here, if I get to the office at nine everyone assumes I slept in.  (But they don’t say anything.)  But starting my day at work earlier means starting my day a home earlier, and that gives me some precious time with Diane, which makes the day better.  Funny, I spent two years with her almost twenty-four-seven, and I am not tired of her company.

2.  Shake the towel.  In the months between tenants, our house became the home of squatters.  Spiders who occupied every room in the house, and they didn’t pay rent.  And they still think they own the place, hiding in drains, hovering in doorways, lurking in closets, languishing in corners.  And with the cold weather more are coming in every day, and they all think (if spiders do actually think, perhaps the simply act as if) we were encroaching on their home.  Not pleasant, especially soaking wet, stepping out of the shower and finding an irritated arachnid skulking about.  Even worse?  Not finding him (or her) until I feel it crawling down my back!  Shake the towel!

3. Pray for deer  I have seen a (different) dead deer on the side of the road almost every day on my way to work.  I don’t like seeing dead possums, or raccoons, seeing a dead fox saddens me.  But seeing a dead deer fills me with dread, and I instinctively hit the brakes.  And each day I pray that I stay alert and don’t clobber one of these guys.

3. Worship to work.  Maybe the best habit has been to switch from the radio, which is spotty anyway going up and down all these beautiful hills, to the CD player, where I have a wonderful disc of worship music playing. This helps remind me of who made the spiders and the deer, and the dawn; the one who holds me in his hand, and who cares for me, so I worry less, pray more, and hope stronger.

Sometimes routines are a good thing.  So I strengthen the few I have, add a few more, and thank God for the opportunity to grow some more.

What are some of your favorite habits?


3 Responses to “New routines”

  1. Sue said

    One of my favorite habits is getting up early to walk the dog while the rest of the world is blissfully sleeping. Some mornings, it’s quiet and the stars are out, this week the moon was clear and bright. It’s my time to look up to the sky and remember the One who put each star in place. Every morning me and my big, fluffy dog walk with our Creator and Father, God and I talk to Him, while the dog plods along next to me. It’s how I like to start my day. It sounds like you and Diane are very blessed and happy, which makes me thankful for your writings and helps me to remember God is faithful. Which brings me to another of my favorite habits, reading 13:12.

  2. I love our new disciplines too. I find joy in our waking and praying together, and making the bed. It’s good.

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