November 14, 2011

Before moving to Pennsylvania, I was walking into a local supermarket (Where super is an oxymoron) and in front of me walked an employee, wearing a shirt that said, “Customer Helper” on the back.  In an apparent attempt to prove that he either could not read or did not agree with his own shirt, he stopped in the doorway, blocking the entrance for me and anyone else trying to enter the store.  No reason that I could discern, he just stopped.

It’s kind of the reason I never wear Jesus t-shirts or put a little metallic fish on my car.  People have enough reasons tho dislike Christians. (Mega church pastor, divorced because he cheated on his wife with a stripper, was found dead in a hotel room with an envelope of white powder in his pocket.)   I am a less than perfect driver, even though I never speed.  I am a much less than perfect person, I don’t need a t-shirt that says (parenthetically) that I am also a hypocrite.

If my friends and neighbors, even acquaintances don’t know that I follow Christ, my clothes and cars will not convince them of anything.  If my friends and neighbors, and yes even acquaintances  do know that I am a believer, it is my life, not my accoutrements that will attract (or repel) them.

Sometimes I think the little Jesus Fish (known by all true followers as an icthus)  (I just put that in there to impress all the non-believers reading this post) is like a fat guy wearing UnderArmor, or a guy driving a rusty purple minivan wearing a Porsche Racing team jacket.  Like the guy who knows two-and-a-half chords playing a Paul Reed Smith, an illiterate with a Kindle.  It’s not testimony, it’s laughable.

So when I go into the unmentioned not so supermarket and a guy in a “Customer Helper”t-shirt  not only doesn’t help, but actually hinders my shopping experience I am reminded that I am a city on a hill, whether or not I have a chrome carp on my Cadillac.  I should not be ashamed of that fact, neither should I neglect it.  I need daily reminders of my spiritual heritage so I will remember to do what Daddy has asked me to do; Love mercy, do justly, walk humbly with my God.  If I do just those things, I could wear Jesus junk with pride.

I don’t think I would, but I could.  If.


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