Where are those things?

November 12, 2011

A picture hanger is all that stands between a completed room and a mess.  Or so it seems.  Picture hangers can be bought for under a dollar.  Even those that hold one hundred pound pictures.  (How many of those do you have hanging around?)  We moved with dozens of nice sturdy picture hangers.  The entire collection would fit in a baggie.

Which they did.

Which can’t be found.

That is what is know as, in the world of the living, as a minor irritant.  Kind of like cat litter on a clean wood  floor.  Like a paint brush that dribbles.  It’s not broken sump pump irritating.  It’s not a leaking roof, or leaking toilet.  But it interrupts our plans for the morning.  We are looking for something instead of actually doing something.  It’s kind of like the difference between petting a cat and cleaning up after a cat.  Both are a neccesary part of cat ownership, one is pleasant and one is not.

So we search…I’ll finish this post if I ever find the hooks, or if I end up buying them.

In the mean time we need to remind ourselves that life is as much about the inturruption as is it about the routine.  Some inturruptions are pleasant surprises, so look for the surprises.  Some inturruptions are simple blessings, so look for the blessings.  Some inturruptions are just simply inturrptions.  Don’t let them ruin your day.


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