What do these stones mean?

November 11, 2011


When I was a kid I would sometimes watch as my dad worked on his cars.  He used simple tools; a pair of vice grips, a screw driver and a hammer.  Sometimes he sent me for his saw.

As you can tell be that last sentence, my dad didn’t teach me how to fix cars.  He didn’t know how to.  Car repair was almost always an emergency and almost always an experiment for him.  “Let’s see if this works.”

He never said things like “The flux capacitor is shot and the dylithym crystals are spent, were going to have to transmogrify the thing.    My dad mostly just said things I can’t repeat in church.  I didn’t learn about cars from my dad because he didn’t have anything to teach.

What I did learn from my dad is that church is important.  And while “choosing to follow Christ” wasn’t part of his vocabulary, I learned about God and about church, so when God called my name, it was a familiar voice I heard.  And I chose to follow Christ.

Are your children learning to recognize the voice of God in your home?  What are your children learning from you?  You can’s say “nothing” because even if you aren’t actively teaching them, they are watching and listening.  All the time.  So they are learning from you.

What are you teaching?  Is it worth learning?  Will your child be able to take their ability with a scroll saw, or a jack hammer or a pc or a paint brush or a football with them into eternity?  Will they be able to take it into life?

There are teaching moments that life creates every day.  Look for them and use them at every opportunity.  When you are cut off in traffic.  You can teach them about grace, mercy and patience, or you can teach them a new  word.  Your choice.  When tax time comes, you can teach them about honesty, integrity, and responsibility.
Or you can teach them how to cheat.  When flipping through the 6000 channels on your HDTV, you can teach them about, morality, about making wise choices, or you can send them out of the room, and teach them how to sin in secret.

When the Israelites crossed the Jordan River on dry land, God instructed them to carry out of the dry river bed twelve stones.  God miraculously delivered them right to the spot where He said He would, and He didn’t want them to forget.  “When your children see these stones, tell them the wonderful story of redemption.”

Your life is a pile of stones.  You can choose to make every moment you have with your child a teaching moment.  When gas prices jump 15 cents a gallon overnight, when you wait 15 minutes in the express lane at the Giant Eagle.  When your team wins, or, when they lose.

How you handle the everyday is the most important teaching time in your life.   And guess what, sometimes you are going to blow it, badly.  These times are teaching times as well.      Read Joshua 4:1-9

The joy and pain of parenting is that it never stops.   Which also means that the teaching never stops.  I read an article about Andrew Luck, arguably the best quarterback in college football.  The world is at his feet right now, and he can pretty much do whatever he wants.  And he will get rich, whatever he does.  So in the high pressure of college, soon to be pro football, what does Andrew Luck do?  He deflects praise.  He honors his team mates.  He speaks politely and respectfully.  He works hard as if he is still trying to win a spot on the team.  He listens to his coach.  He makes wise choices.  Andrew Luck, by all accounts is a gentleman with a strong work ethic and a strong code of personal conduct, and strong ethicsHow did that happen?

He watched his dad.

He watched his dad.

Guess what your kids are doing right now.  Take advantage of it.  Teach them what the stones mean.


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