He hears our tears

November 10, 2011

A few days ago I was walking past a room with a little boy who missed his mommy.  I’s amazing how well kids can express their needs and desires, even if they can’t speak in complete sentences.  It reminded me of an incident from several years ago.  I was helping out for a few minutes in the toddle room and there was this little guy who was new to that room.  He was badly frightened, and he wanted his mommy.   So that is what he told everyone, loudly, over and over again.  In fact, the poor child cried for twenty minutes as we looked for his mommy.  I tried playing with him…He cried.  I tried getting him involved with other children… he cried,  Other children wanted to know what was wrong, and they actually tried to help.  Kids are amazing.  But alas, he cried.

I would have tried singing to him, but then, everybody would have cried.   Nothing I could do worked, because I was not his mommy.  All normal channels to find his parents failed, so I did what I knew would work, but at a certain risk.   I took him into the sanctuary.  The pastor was praying, and amazingly the little guy was quiet. (I am not making this up.)   But the moment the pastor  said, “Amen!” the little guy said., quite loudly, “I want my mommy!”  The response was faster than instant.  Before this little child had the word “I” out of his mouth his mommy was turning around, having recognized her child’s distress from one syllable!!

Once again I was reminded of the Father’s love by observing a child.  When speaking of his children this is how Isaiah records God’s thoughts for us: “Even before they call out to me, I will answer them.  While they are still speaking, I will hear them.”  Isaiah 65:24 (NIrV)

When we get into a situation of distress we will try anything to get out of it..  We pray harder, gather more friends around us.  Get advice from anyone and everyone.  We may even try singing.  But what our heart really wants is just to be held by the One who loves us the most.  And after we have tried everything else we, after we have cried to anyone who will listen, we remember God’s great love for us.  “The Lord is ready to help all those who call out to him.  He helps those who really mean it when they call out to him.”  Psalm 145:18 (NIrV)

This little boy knew there was only one person who would calm his fears.  In fact, when we found both his parents, it wasn’t either or for him.  Daddy didn’t cut it.  This cute kids wanted his  mommy.   Children  know what works and what doens’t and they are quite satisfied, thank you, to stick with what works.

We need  to remember what works, and stick with it.  More dependable then the best mommy:  This poor man called out, and the Lord heard him.”  Psalm 34:6  (NIrV)

Let’s be reminded by the little ones and save ourselves a lot of tears.

He will turn as quickly as we think of calling out to him.


One Response to “He hears our tears”

  1. That’s why we call him Abba Father…..

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