A bug’s life

November 8, 2011

I was walking across a paved surface surrounding a house of worship this afternoon and I came across the larval stage of a Pyrrharctia Isabella.

How’s that for pretentiousness?  Let’s try again.  I was walking across the church parking lot and a Woolly Bear caterpillar streaked across my path.  Actually it was hardly moving, I thought maybe it had died crossing the asphalt.  But when I reached down and touched it, he curled into a ball.  So I gingerly picked it up and put it in the grass.    So far, you can tell that sometimes it is hard work telling small stories about a bug’s life.

A half an hour later I walked by the same spot and noticed the caterpillar contentedly lunching on the grass.

My work here is finished:  I saved a Woolly Bear.

Okay in the big scheme of things it was no big deal.  But most of us don’t spend our time on the big deals.  Most of us spend our time munching grass.  Mast of us spend most of our lives feeling more like a caterpillar than a giant.  So when you can do good, DO GOOD!  Even a little bit of good is still good.

Do something small, it may actually be something great.

Do a small favor, you never know how much you my bless someone.

Do something for someone small, you will make their day, or their week, maybe even their month.

Do something small, even a few insignificant things can add up to something significant.

Do something small, it may set you up for doing something big.  (Read Matthew 25: 14-30)

Do something small, you never know who you may be helping.

Do something small.  It may only seem small to you.


Hope this small post reminds you to help the Woolly Bears that cross your path today.


One Response to “A bug’s life”

  1. Sue said

    “For all these smallnesses I thank You, Lord: small children, and small needs; small meals to cook, small talk to heed, a small book from which to read small stories; small hurts to heal, small disappointments too, as real, as ours; small glories to discover in bugs, pebbles and flowers…..” From “Sitting by my Laughing Fire” by Ruth Bell Graham

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