November 7, 2011

Pears are not my favorite fruit, but they are a fruit, and I do like them.  Especially when there are other fruits to go with them.  Apples, grapes, pears, for example make a great flavor combination.

So when I saw a beautiful pear tree in my neighbor’s yard (in another time and another place) I thought that in might be a good thing.  As the summer waxed and then began to wane the pears grew bigger and riper.  They started to turn golden brown.  The morning after the first frost was spectacular.  Frosted pears caught the early morning light and it looked like a tree ornamented in real gold. But pears are not just for looking at; when were they going to pick them?

Turns out they weren’t going to.  Apparently (No pun intended, but appreciated nonetheless.) the neighbors didn’t like pears, so as the fruit ripened, then over-ripened, then fell to the ground, the fruit just laid there.  Rotting.  I think it was a pretty rotten thing to do, any way you want to look at it.

It was a waste, pure and simple.  The neighbors could have sold or given away the fruit, and instead they let it rot.  Hard to understand.  The tree was there when the people moved in, the pears were a free gift, which was thrown away.

It makes me think of the many people I have known who have been given wonderful spiritual gifts, golden talents from God, and who do nothing with those gifts.  It is as if they see the tree and simply decide to let the fruit rot.  What a waste.

If we stop serving the Kingdom with our gifts, we are telling God that we don’t want what he has given us.  Are you prepared to tell God that?

I’m not.


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