Power saws and bare feet.

November 3, 2011

I was working on some shelving in the basement.  Well actually I had just taken a shower, thought of the shelves, got dressed (mostly) and tried to take care of that about which I was thinking.   Dressed I was, but sans shoes and socks.  I was in the house, for crying out loud.

So while doing this “it’ll only take a minute” project I realised that I needed to cut a board or two.  I grabbed my skill-saw (an oximoron if there ever was one) marked the board, put it where I could cut with the least amount of mess and placed my foot on the board to stabilize it.  It was then I realized the fool-hardy nature of this project, I was barefooted.  Now for most of you that would be no big deal, but my hands are covered with multiple small scars inflicted when using tools that were not power-tools.  If I can do that much damage with hand tools, what could I  accomplish with 18 volts, 6,000,000 RPM and no socks?

But I took a chance (Don’t try this at home!) and finished the task with all toes still hanging where they belong.  And none of them were bleeding or missing a nail.

So, what risk was I actually taking?  I know my skill set, and lack thereof, and I work slowly and methodically, had plenty of light and plenty of rest, all mitigating factors.  I could have inflicted heavy but not life threatening damage.  I could have splattered blood all over the basement, and let my neighbors know what a walrus in labor sounds like, and I could have missed some work.  All risks I  was willing to take, based on the rudimentary assessment I made before picking up the saw.

Which got me to thinking again.  What types of risk are we willing to take?  There are physical risks for doing or abstaining, from eating this as opposed to that, from speaking unkind words to people who are much bigger and stronger than we are.  There are emotional risks associated with saying or not saying, doing or not doing, believing or not believing.  And almost any risk we think about in the physical and emotional realm can also be translated into the spiritual.

Do we trust God enough to believe that he will do what he says he will do?  Do we trust that he has done what he says he has done, and therefore it is finished?

Can we trust God no matter what?

As I have already indicated, in some areas I am somewhat of a risk taker; on this issue I’ll take my chances that God is trustworthy.  How about you?


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