Beethoven in the gap

October 26, 2011

As I got into my car this morning the guy on the radio (WQED) was giving the weather (rain) and introducing the next piece of music.   As I entered the gap and started down the Loyalhanna Greenway, Beethoven’s 6th symphony started playing.  That’s the Pastoral symphony for those  who might be unfamiliar with Ludwig’s music.  Of all of the music I am familiar with from this great composer, I would have to say that the 6th symphony is his happiest music, it’s outdoor music.  perfect for driving downhill through a mountain forest road, even in the rain.  It was relaxing but not sleep-inducing.  As much as Ode to Joy  (You know, “Da da da da DA da da da Da da da da DA DA DA!) is indeed and Ode to Joy, it’s only a small joyful part of a larger piece, #6 really is pastoral, calming, happy.  I enjoyed every minute of the drive down from Ligonier.

The song ended as I entered the business of the business district at 8:00AM.  But I was set for the day.  God had given me Beethoven just when I needed it, and I could handle the rush of the rest of the day, because I had worshipped.   No I didn’t worship Beethoven, I worshipped the God who gave Beethoven his voice.  He has given me mine too.  Actually I feel like he has given me back my voice, and I am ready to sing again.  Ready to once again listen to kids worshipping.

And this music in the mist reminded me of how God had filled the gap for me for the past couple of years.  Worship on the internet, church on the couch, fellowship in the park.  Most of the functions of the Body of Christ were taken care of while traveling in the gap of life, but I did not produce anything significant, and I did not serve. 

Now I can.  Now I will.

Beethoven in the Gap reminded me of God in the Gap.  Just as # 6 was just what I needed this morning,  he is (was, will be) there when I need him.   Which is all the time.  In the gaps or in  the gaping holes of life,  he is there.  In the rush hour or the rusting hours he is there.

It almost inspires me to write a symphony.  Except I can’t read music.  I guess I’ll write a blog post instead.


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