Important things

October 18, 2011

This morning as I got dressed, I had to wear a brown belt with black pants.   Should I even pay attention to details like that?   Well, yes and no.  God is in the details and A.E would say.  But sometimes I am grateful that God looks at the heart.  Sometimes.

My watch battery died months ago.  At the time I realized that I had a clock on the stove, one on the wall, one on the dresser, one on each computer, and another in the car.  I didn’t need the watch.   WIth my schedule at the time I didn’t even need a clock, to be honest.  But I will get a watch battery, because, well, it’s a nice looking watch.

So many things we carry with us because they are important, or so we think.  But whether I find my black belt today or next week, whether I ever figure out how to set the proper date on my watch, or even figure out my voicemail account, I will try to remember the important things:  “Do justly, love mercy, walk humbly with my God.”

Now, where did I leave my toothbrush?


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