Things I have difficulty throwing away

October 8, 2011

Wood and Steel is a quarterly publication from Taylor Guitars.  I read each issue a half-a-dozen times, then put them in a pile for easy access.  Getting ready to move, I finally tossed out several years worth.

If I wear a pair of shoes to the point that the sole is broken or worn through, I might throw them away.  But I may not.  I have a hard time throwing shoes away.

I usually like to open a fresh can of tennis balls whenever I get together with friends (for tennis), and by the time we have an hour or two of court time, the balls are pretty well-worn.  Their bounce has bounced.  But if I brought the balls, I take them home and throw them into a gym bag with dozens of their kin.  I will use them practicing serves, if I ever go to the court and find myself there alone, if I remember to bring them.  I have had over a hundred balls in the gym bag before I found a good use for them, (Have one hundred children all throw them against a backboard or a wall at the same time.  The sound is amazing.) but I now have another bag overly stuffed and waiting for an activity.

I sold my Turntable the other day, but I still have over one hundred record albums that I can’t give away, and I’ll pay to ship them before I throw them away.  Even though I may never play them again.

Screws, nuts, washers, bolts.  If they are clean and not bent will fit something somewhere, so there’s no point in tossing them.

If you have read my blog before you know that I have difficulty getting rid of books, with Diane its magazines and “how to” literature of any kind.

We have a World War II tap and die set that neither of us know how to use, but, well, you know….

If I could only take such as good care of my relationships as I do my stuff.  

Whenever I pick up a copy of Wood and Steel I feel more inspired to practice and to play.  I hope that whenever I see  ______ (I won’t say who) I will be inspired to play, to have fun, and maybe to practice my craft of being a better friend.

When I put on a pair of shoes I will try to remember to make sure my feet are fitted with the Gospel of Peace as well, and try to be a better friend to my neighbors who don’t know Jesus.

When I grab a fresh can of tennis balls, and hear the whoosh as I open the can, I will try to remember to bring a breath of fresh air to someone who needs to be refreshed.  When I grab my bag of old tennis balls I will try to make a note to call an old friend.

My music, whether new or old helps me worship, helps me to contemplate, helps me to rejoice.  My music, depending on my choice of the moment, inspires or incites, relaxes or refreshes, causes me to sit or to do something.  I hope every CD, every song on I tunes, every classic rock hit reminds me of someone who needs to hear from me.  Or at the very least reminds for whom to pray.

When I look through my boxes and tubs of screws, washers, nails and assorted hardware, I will try to remember the nuts who I call friends, those with a screw loose (like me) who need our relationship tightened up a bit.

My books and magazines will (I hope) remind me of the stories I am writing, (both on my PC and in my real life) and I will work hard at adding loving, joyful, hopeful, redemptive chapters.

And when I next see that vintage tap and die set?


I’m going to throw it away.


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