Booger water

October 3, 2011

Poppy was investigating while were eating on the sofa with a friend.  (Poppy is our tiny cat.)  She found Diane’s drinking glass, stuck her face in and took a drink while we all watched and laughed.  (I wanted to push her face in a bit deeper at watch the bubbles and ensuing sneezing fit, but kindness, a wife and a friend prevailed, so Poppy was free from harassment.)  We continued eating, I got Diane a fresh glass of water, we continued the meal, and we kind of forgot about Poppy.

It wasn’t long before Diane, without thinking (you guessed it) reached for “the wrong” glass, took a drink and then, and almost instantly, stopped and shouted, (you guessed it) “Booger water!!!

“How?” You ask, Could such an epithet come form such a lovely person and be aimed at such a cute creature?”

That’s life under pressure.  Or maybe pressure finally being released.  We didn’t kill Poppy.  We didn’t disinfect Diane, nor did we wash her mouth out with soap.  We did have a great laugh and put the offending glass in the dishwasher.   Life continues, a shout and a laugh at a time.

I don’t really have a lot to say, but I thought this might be just the thing to get you talking.  What was a recent Booger Water moment for you?  How did you and the people around you handle the moment, the pressure?

Most of us can get through the day-to-day events that life (and cats) bring us.  But how do we handle the boogers that come our way.  That is where character is shown. (Not developed, shown.)   So it can be both enlightening and fun to hear how others deal with interruptions that we’ll call, for now, Booger Water Moments.

I’d love to hear from you.


One Response to “Booger water”

  1. Sue said

    After probably years of my cat, unbeknowst to me, going onto the kitchen cupboard at night to lick the stick of butter I had left out to soften for my morning toast, I caught her. My response was “Oh yuck!” followed by a long, good, roll on the floor, the joke is on me, belly laugh. My cat was not as amused as I, when I stopped leaving the butter out!

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