Put it on for a spin, sit back and remember

September 29, 2011

Cassette tapes.  Records.  CD’s.  Gone or going.

We’re tossin,’ sellin’ and given’ stuff away as we pack up our belongings.  We are not packing up our life, just our stuff.   We won’t pack friendships and memories, that is what life is made of.  We take that with us everywhere we go.

But of course NOBODY wants old cassettes.  Very few want used CD’s in an age of pods and pads, and no matter how much I enjoyed them in the past, I will never get the same enjoyment from my records again.  Remembering the lyrics of “You’re So Sweet (Horseflies Keep Hangin’ ‘Round Your Face)’ and sharing them with a sweet friend is the little pleasure I get out of my old records; memories are better than actually replaying most of them.  There are a few albums that I purchased both a “record” and later bought the CD.  Just a few.  Ask me some time, I might share that info with you.

But rather than re-playing, re-listening or just remembering old songs, old LPs, CDs and cassettes I choose different memories, right now anyway.

I will:

remember friendships and thank God.

remember experiences and try to learn something new from them.

remember promises, keep those I make, thank God for those he made, and forget those made to me in haste.

remember pain along with the subsequent healings.

remember fondly those who have blessed me.

Including you.  Thank you for listening.  (or reading)

When I really stop to think about it, when I remember my old music, I don’t remember CD or LP, which medium I heard it through (Except for one song heard on the radio very late one night.) or even what radio or stereo I heard it on (Except for “You’ve Got A Friend” which we listened  to in drivers ed practice cars, over and over and over.)  No, the medium isn’t where the memories were made.  It was the people I shared the music with, the events we were participating in, the memories we were making together.

If I have fond memories associated with any song, there is always, always a person or people associated with it.  That’s why I can toss, or sell my old records and CDs.  I’m not selling my friends or my memories.

Those I keep with me, everywhere I go.

I’m glad you’re coming along.


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