The refrigerator

September 28, 2011

We built a home in 1982.  Well, we had it built.  But we did a lot of work, painting the walls and woodwork (inside and out) finishing the wood floors, insulating, landscaping.  Not really building stuff, finishing really.  But it was a labor of love and gift from God which we remember with fondness and joy.

We bought all new appliances of course including an almond colored refrigerator.  Cool color, huh?  I took the fridge out to the curb today.  Twenty-nine years of cool.  Then none.  My reliable and faithful friend and fridge fixer felt that it’s time had come.  No more repairs.  So when we move to our new place we will have to get a new refrigerator.

I think of that old one, out by the street, wet and alone (but not lonely ) and it reminds me of so many wonderful meals.  Meals from simple eggs and taters for breakfast, which I can make, to elaborate holiday meals of which I can only help.  The snacks, the cold drinks, the meals, the feasts that our refrigerator kept cool would feed a nation, and they did feed a host of friends over the 29 years it served us. And through its life it has held hundreds of photos of people we care about.

I hope I can be a refrigerator friend.  Let’s see, here’s a short list of questions I need to ask myself.

  • Do I keep things cool, even when everything else is heating up?
  • Do I keep things fresh, while everything around me is getting stale?
  • Do I offer not only things that sustain life, but also bring life, a little happiness, a bit of joy?
  • Do I willingly hold onto everything that is entrusted to me, even when it has been forgotten?
  • Do I willingly let go when it is asked of me?
  • Am I the most reliable one in the room?  The most faithful?
  • Am I attractive?  Will pleasant reminders stick with me, and to me, like they are attached with a magnet?
  • Will I work even when I am dusty and dirty, over-filled or under-filled, regardless of the weather?

I didn’t say it as I kicked it to the curb, but I thought it:  “Well done good and faithful servant.”  I want a longer life than my fridge, but I hope I am as reliable.



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