Relationships. It’s simple

September 22, 2011

Any intelligent fool can make things bigger and more complex… It takes a touch of genius – and a lot of courage to move in the opposite direction.”
Albert Einstein

I don’t know where or when he said it.  I don’t even know for certain that he did.  But the quote above is attributed to the man whose simplest works are beyond my understanding.   His theory of relativity doesn’t mention parents, children, aunts or uncles.  That’s about as relative as you can get.

But I think his theory of simplicity, stated above is correct, especially as it relates to ministry.  We can get bogged down in programs and events, and forget all about relationships.  (There’s that relativity thing sneaking back in.)  We can have something for someone, and everything for everybody, but if we are not helping people meet Jesus, love Jesus and follow Jesus, then we have gotten too complicated.

In sales and marketing the Acronym KISS has been used for decades, and still makes sense.  “Keep It Simple, Stupid.”  If we are truly concerned about relationships, with Jesus, with our parents and our children, and with our lost neighbors and friends, we would do well and pay attention to Mr. Einstein.

Err not on the side of bigger is better, or complex is copacetic.  Err on the side of RELATIONSHIPS.  We need to ask ourselves often, “Does this help or hinder the formation and building of relationships?  Does this help or hinder someone far from God move closer to Him?”   

That is what we should be about.

Simple.  Right?


One Response to “Relationships. It’s simple”

  1. Sue said

    I’ve heard this saying: A good teacher takes complicated things and makes them simple. And I guess conversely, a poor teacher takes simple things and makes them complicated.

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