Birthday greetings in the age of facebook

September 5, 2011

Someone of whom I am rather fond recently received three dozen birthday greetings via Facebook.  Three dozen!  I haven’t gotten that many birthday wishes since the second grade.

So there is at least one blessing derived from social media…connectivity.

I have often wondered if the ease with which we can connect via our networks actually diminishes its value.  About that time I get a message, or a note, or I read something on someone else’s page, and I am blessed.  So the value is verified.

I am horrible at making phone calls, just ask my mom, or my brothers and sisters.  I won’t make excuses, I just admit my horribleness.  And I am barely worth the bother on Facebook.  But I have come to realize that anything we use to keep connected in an age of disconnection is a good thing, simply because it does keep us connected.

So I’ll keep posting trite trivia and meaningless minutiae, in the hope that is brightens someone’s day.

Happy birthday whoever you are.  I mean it.  I really do.


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