Bounce it off One

September 1, 2011

So I was came across (No I didn’t just come across it, Diane Showed me) this post today.  It was pointing towards a new Facebook site called Bounce It Off Millions.  The idea is to share your idea, and get feedback from millions of interested people.

Not a bad idea.

But.  Not the best.

I make the best decisions when I bounce ideas off the people who care the most about me and my welfare, not about their possible benefits.  A few, (very few) trusted friends, sometimes.  My wife, always.  These resources can give me invaluable insights.   Millions and millions will give me millions and millions of opinions, but none will be better than those of my good friends, and none will know me better than my wife.

But an even better final answer resource would be the One Who Made Me, the One Who Saved Me, The Mighty Counselor, The Everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.

So, instead of bouncing my ideas off millions, I will bounce my ideas off One.  And I will watch to see where my idea lands after it bounces.


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