August 29, 2011

Going for a walk this time of year, and the air if filled with the songs of the Cicadas.  “Kay-tee-did!  Kay-tee did!”  Back and forth, from one tree to another, dozens of these denizens of the deep leaves filling the air with their non-stop-noise.  I’m sorry, I’m sure it’s not noise to them, it must be a beautiful song.   The other day we were passing a small tree with one of the giant bugs singing away, suddenly a small bird flew up, grabbed the cicada and flew off to feed an entire family.  As they flew away, (well one flew, one was carried) we were sure the cicada changed its tune; it seemed that it was now singing, “Let-me-go!  Let-me-go!”

Sometimes our song attracts unwanted attention.  That doesn’t mean we should stop singing.  If we are doing what we were created to do, keep doing it.  I would rather die being obedient than live the loneliness that comes from walking away from God.

I am on a path right now that I cannot leave.  Distractions have presented themselves disguised as opportunities.  But I must not leave the path.  Sometimes I feel like Frodo in the clutches of the Barrow Wights.  Sometimes It’s more like Sam Gamgee walking into water, knowing I can’t swim, but also knowing that I made a promise not to leave.

If you are on a path on which you know you must stay, stay.  It is better to be eaten alive while singing that die a quiet lonely life.  I said that correctly.  Sometimes we die a lonely death, but walking in deliberate disobedience is worse; we will die a lonely life instead.

I choose to go out singing.


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