Re runs

August 3, 2011

If you watch much television you know that we are in the middle of re run season. That’s okay because there is plenty to do on these hot summer evenings, other than watch another “encore presentation.” Yes there is some new programming, but I think re run season helps teach us that we need to be more selective to begin with. As I prepare to watch a program I think is good, I am reminded of when I saw it the first time, and I remember that is wasn’t so hot the first time, so why bother watching it again?. As a matter of fact why bother watching the new season when it shows up in September, October or November?

I have even, on some days particularly free from any creative thoughts, resorted to “re running” an old blog post or two. Considering the fact that I haven’t yet posted my 500th post, it’s pretty embarrassing to admit that I sometimes have idea-free days.

Some will “cheat” and offer up a “best-of” series, which is a way of saying re-run without using the word. Some will only create in short bursts, so re-runs are invertible. There are even a few networks that are almost entirely devoted to re-runs from other networks. One or two of those aren’t to bad when you don’t have cable.

But all this talk of re-runs reminds me of something. Isaiah the prophet tells us that God is our strength every morning, Zephaniah tells us that his justice is dispensed new day by day, and Lamentations tells us that His Love, mercy and faithfulness are new every morning.

Aren’t you glad that we follow a God who doesn’t do re-runs?


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