July 15, 2011

“Catch!”  Todd would shout out.  And without waiting to see if dad was even looking, Todd would jump into the pool.  Mark always caught him.  Every time.  Todd was only two years old, barely able to speak in complete sentences.  But by two he knew that he could trust his daddy completely.

And Mark had an idea.  After a few minutes of catching Todd above the water, he would let Todd get wet, really wet.  But Todd was never afraid for a moment.  His daddy was there for him.  Soon Mark would let Todd hit the water and splash, and because he knew daddy was there, Todd was unafraid.

By the end of his very first day in a pool, Todd was swimming the full length of a forty-foot pool, unaided.  Of course Mark was by his side the whole way.  Two year old Todd was swimming harder and farther than any child I had ever seen in my life.

Don’t you know that both Mark and Todd felt a sense of real accomplishment that day.  And don’t you know that both fell asleep the moment their heads hit the pillow.  Learning and teaching can be exhausting.

What is it your child wants to learn?  What is it you want them to learn?  Do you want your kids to make wise choices?    Do you know the best tool for wise decision-making?  It’s the same tool they would use to get through tough times.  The very same tool will help them be a great friend, parent, neighbor, boss or employee.  The tool?  God’s Word, the Bible.

“But,” you might say, “it’s too deep.”  Yea, it can be.  But if you get in first, you can catch them!   “But I can’t swim so good myself!”  Learn together.  Start at the shallow end.  Begin with the gospels, Matthew, Mark Luke and John (The first four books of the New Testament) you should be OK.  Yes, you will read some hard sayings, sometimes being a Christian calls for hard decisions.  But you shouldn’t run into too much that is just confusing.  I have discovered that it is not the things I don’t understand that give me trouble, it’s the things I do understand.

It would not be a bad thing if it took a year to get through these four books.  You and your children will have a pretty good idea of what Jesus is all about and what a Jesus follower looks like.

The best person on the plant to raise a child is not church, it’s not community.  It’s mom and dad that can best…“Train a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not turn from it.” Proverbs 22:6

You wouldn’t want anyone else there to catch your child when they jump in the pool, would you?


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