Sneaky Paint

July 13, 2011

As you may or may not know, I paint houses to pay the bills.  It’s not a “calling” it’s a way to get by until my calling calls me.  I’m pretty good, and charge a reasonable fee.

Almost always after painting, then cleaning my equipment, then cleaning myself, then sitting down to relax, I find a smear of paint that I missed.   The other day it was right in the middle of my chest.  No I do not work shirtless, I need to keep the crowd of ladies watching me work to a minimum.  (Plus, their laughter might cause me to fall off the ladder.)  Anyway I had this paint spot right in the middle of my chest despite the fact that I wore a shirt.

Sneaky paint.

I can find paint all over my body, even in covered-up-places.  Under my toenails.  Always on my elbows; both of them.  In my hair.  And that is, of course after spending hours being careful not to get any on the sidewalks, roof, or windows.

Sneaky paint.

Not to change the subject too dramatically, but to be effective in our Christian walk we need to show up.  We need to be where people far from God hang out.  That may sound like an excuse to go to the bar, but, well I guess it might be for someone.  I look so out-of-place at a bar that people would think I was a Jehovah’s Witness.  So I try to find other places to be.  Places where people are.  I think that’s the only way we are going to be able to obey the Great Commission and the Great Commandment (part b).  In order to reach the lost we simply cannot expect them to come to us.  Why would they?

So I’ve decided to be like paint.  I’ll be where I’m needed, like paint.  But I’ll also try to just show up unexpectedly.  To add a drop of color to brighten a dull spot.  To add a tint to a darkened corner.

Why don’t you join me?

Sneaky Christians.


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