June 29, 2011

Sometimes things are clear, sometimes things are not.  And sometimes it’s all in the description, despite what you might be thinking.

For example, what do you think of when you hear the words….

Fuzzy Fruit:

Peaches, nectarines?

Melon that just fell on the sofa?

Strawberries that sat too long in the back of the fridge?

Or when you hear the term,

Fuzzy slippers:

Plaid corduroy for boys, pink chenille for girls?

Fuzzy on the inside, L.B.Evans for him, fuzzy on the outside, UGG for her?

Fuzzy on the inside and the outside because the dog had dragged them through every conceivable hirsute hindrance.

What comes to mind when you think…

Fuzzy logic

Variable truth, depending on differing interpretations, variables or parameters.  Useful in reasoning that is approximate rather than exact.

Variable truth depending on practical and logical reasoning rather than precise or mathematical formulations.  Useful in “real world” situations.

Variable truth, depending on differing answers to different individuals….Useful in prevarication, misdirection or otherwise avoiding responsibility.


In all three cases you want to avoid the third definition, and those who lean in that direction.  I know (knew) a couple to be avoided.


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