Asking for a sign. Or a prayer.

June 29, 2011

I must admit that I don’t spend most of my days laying a fleece before the Lord.  (Judges 6)  I walk in faith (not by sight, most days) and believe God’s love outweighs my current circumstances.  I trust Him.  If  I hear a direct word from God I respond accordingly.  And unlike Gideon, my battles are financial rather than military, and God doesn’t have any “enemies” he wants me to kill.  I don’t need morning mist, or missed morning mist to guide my hand.

But sometimes….

Yesterday was one of those days where I really needed to hear something from God, preferably in the form of a job or a check from Publisher Clearinghouse.  (Oh, yeah, you gotta enter to win, and I didn’t.)    But I made my request known to God……I won’t go into the details.  And on my way to a small job the gas tank fell off my minivan.  Punishment for driving a minivan?

Just for a moment I thought about Elijah, but plastic gas tanks don’t easily spark.  So what am I supposed to learn?  I wasn’t immediately immolated in a fireball, or taken home in a chariot of fire, so there is something I’m not getting (in addition to the check from PCH).

There were no words of wisdom or pictures of Mary in the petroleum puddling and pooling beneath my vehicle.  The rivulet of running fuel didn’t point to a promise or a pile of cash, it just ran toward the storm drain, looking for something to kill quickly, while I felt like I was dying slowly.

So we called Gregories ( which should be on speed dial) and watched our van disappear.

I’m still not in the position of Joseph.  He was in an Egyptian prison, so I think he ate pretty well, there was also a chief baker  in there.  I don’t exactly consider my plight persecution, but between the ER last week, the fuel tank and tow truck this week, we are going backwards really fast.  And I still don’t know why!  (ours is not to reason why…)   And wondering if it’s OK to ask.  Trusting God no matter what is harder sometimes that it is others.

Oh, yeah, now the dehumidifier went out so everything in the basement is going to stink.  Like our situation.

What are we supposed to learn in these circumstances?  I’m listening!  Really!  I know all things work together…but right now the “how” is evading me.

So I could use your prayers right now.


3 Responses to “Asking for a sign. Or a prayer.”

  1. Sue said

    Today began with our freezer/fridge breaking down and the food inside was spoiled. Later, as we came home with food to fill the (now fixed) fridge, we were suprised with a very flat tire! And so, I decided that this is the day the Lord has made AND we will rejoice and be glad in it. I am now thankful for my son who helped me change my tire, and the repairman who fixed my fridge, and for one of God’s best creations….a sense of humor. I am hoping the appliances and vehicles will now be in working order for the rest of the summer, but that might not happen! Today, after all the dust settled, and our family was home sharing a good laugh, I knew that God had given us all we needed.

  2. Wanda said


    I have been there – more than once! We too are hanging on at the moment.

    Several years ago when things were REALLY bad (we hadn’t paid any taxes all year and we got a good refund at the end of the year – you know you are in bad straights when that happens) I was standing out front of our home – which had been up for sale for two years.

    We lived in an Orthodox Jewish neighborhood. An older gentleman came by on the Sabbath dressed in long flowing robes etc and we engaged in a conversation. We talked about serving a Sovereign God and eventually our conversation got around to how long our house had been on the market. I teared up and mentioned how bad things were. He looked at me in a gentle way and with a gentle tone to his voice he said,

    “I thought you said you believe in a Sovereign God – Believe.”

    Since then I’ve learned what it means to go to a deeper level of belief. In the last few years my husband has gone through a horrible physically painful ordeal and lost his job as a result, my ministry has gone through financial problems and on and on. But God continues to teach to me to believe.

    Maybe it has been in the weeping that the depth has come – one day I looked at my computer and the keyboard was white. I realized it was the salt from my tears.

    Father – please be with Tim this evening and wrap him in your arms.Let him feel Your presence like he never has before. Lord I don’t know why you have him on this path but I know that You love him beyond our understanding. Lord You have promised us peace beyond understanding – hold him close. In Jesus Name, Amen

    Tim it struck me as I prayed that the Philippians 4 passage there are steps to peace.

    God bless.

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