Big Blue

June 26, 2011

Probably my favorite place to go for a walk, or a ride, or even a drive is Boom Road.  It winds along the Grand River for a mile and a half, and for most of the drive, there is nothing blocking a wonderful river view.  Across the river, on the other side, it is all wetlands.  Hardly any signs of human activity at all. (When you ignore the power lines.)

Ward, Chris and I usually started our early morning rides along Boom Rd, regardless of where we might  end up, it is such a great starting place.  That was decades ago, I loved it then, I love it now.  If I end up with a gabillion dollars, it will be my finishing place.  Almost perfect, this side of heaven.

It is along this road that I most often see Great Blue Herons.  Sometimes they are cruising low over the water, sometimes one might actually be sitting on a dock.  Very solitary birds, they will fly off if you make eye contact. If you disturb their nesting site, they will simply move away, leaving a dead or dying tree covered with white guano.

Standing almost five feet tall, they can be almost invisible wading through the cat-tails, looking for frogs and fish.  Sometimes I think they are capable of moving less than an inch a minute.  In flight they remind me of pterodactyls, long necks tucked in, huge wings barely moving.  It takes my breath away.

Maybe these birds evolved as a way to keep fish and frog populations in check.  Perhaps their curling neck plumage slowly developed over eons of time as a means of attracting a mate.

Or maybe, just maybe, the Creator made them to show us his glory and the give us something to smile about, to marvel at, and to give praise to whom it is due.

I tend to lean toward the second possibility.  Boom Road didn’t just show up,  some really smart people put their minds, bodies and resources to a task of creating something special.

Great Blue Herons are part of a Master’s Plan that goes beyond mere human imagination.  We can’t think of the things he has planned for us.

   “What no eye has seen,  what no ear has heard, and what no human mind has conceived”—
   the things God has prepared for those who love him— these are the things God has revealed to us by his Spirit.”

I am part of His plan.

So are you.


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