I’m back.

June 22, 2011

So I stayed away from my computer for almost a week.  Yes I checked my e-mail because I am looking for a job.  But I stayed away from Facebook and from my own blog as well.

Guess what?  Life goes on.  I didn’t learn until my return that President Obama, despite all his promises created zero new full-time jobs since taking office.  It is important to note (and the media will not) that this is another promise broken.  Or as I learned as a child when people do not tell the truth…he lied again.   It’s really too bad that the left still hasn’t realized that the government cannot create or sustain meaningful jobs.

O sure, they can create the kind of jobs like those taking place in my front yard; overpaid workers (misnomer, non-workers) are repairing our road at a rate that is one fifth as productive as it would be if they were being paid to actually produce something.  Jobs, good paying, productive sustainable  jobs are all created by the private sector.

But I digress (and since this is my blog, a non-union, non productive, none paying gig I can do that all I want.)  I was away from this place for a week and came home with lots to talk about.

I won’t have to do a web search of popular cartoon catchphrases, or celebrity underwear malfunctions.  I will be able to talk about things that I like to talk about.  (So no more right-wing diatribes against our saint of a president)

I saw Great Blue Herons almost every day; my favorite birds.  I walked familiar neighborhoods and saw what sixteen years of absence has done to the house I built.  I spent time with friends who have been friends for decades.  I drove through close to a dozen work zones.  I officiated at the wedding of a little girl I met when she was three-years-old, “Is your mama home?” I spent 4 hours racked in pain as people prayed for me, cried with me and fasted with me.

I spent time with God.

I have lots to talk about, so stop by often, I promise, this is the only introduction.  I may bore you.  Words about a trip can be as tedious, mind-numbing, wearisome, uninspiring  (OK I’m sure you get it.)  as a Powerpoint slide show about boxer shorts.  So I’ll proofread and filter well.  Still, I better not make any promises.

Talk with you soon


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