June 8, 2011

When we were  young believers we would occasionally participate in something called Evensong.  It wasn’t a true Evensong in the Anglican tradition, it was simply a gathering of Christ Followers spending an evening in prayer and worship.  My memories are all fuzzy and formless, yet fond, nonetheless.  Evensong was something that Diane and I did together; it was one of the first steps on our spiritual journey together.

Lately I have been participating in another form of Evensong.  It includes walking, or simply sitting outside at dusk and listening to the songs of the Robins and Oriels, the song of the spring peepers,  (a small brown frog, Peeudacris crucifer, with a cross on his back) and the occasional child allowed out past bedtime.

What do these disparate creatures have in common that reminds me of Evensong?  If you listen closely they are all singing joyfully.  And whether they know it or not, they are singing to the Creator.

It’s a lovely song, I can’t come close on my Taylor, even my stereo is hard pressed to play a more joyful and grateful hymn of praise.

If you haven’t taken the time lately to enjoy Evensong, do so soon.  The Voice, CSI and Chef Ramsey have nothing on a songbird, a small brown frog or a child.


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