Thirty-eight years

June 2, 2011

I am remembering with fondness the day I met Diane, thirty-eight years ago.  It was early June, right after graduation.  We met on a “bike hike.”  Fifty miles on day one, and fifty miles back the next day.  Diane had a beautiful hand-built French racing bike that she received as a graduation present.  It was orange.  The world’s top rider at the time, Eddie Merckx, rode orange bikes, so many of the top companies were painting their bikes orange.

I had a K Mart All Pro (The name was an oxymoron in every respect.)  The only thing about it that was remotely pro was the color….you guessed it, Eddy Merckx Orange.  The comparison stops there, but it was a fun happenstance that allowed this shy guy to actually engage in a conversation with a girl….and the rest is happy history.

Diane’s bright cheerful smile caught my eye then and still holds it today.  The twinkle in her eye has not faded and I still don’t always know what she is up to.  But it has been a journey of joy.

So our wedding anniversary is not for several months, (we married more than three years after we met) but our meeting is on the top of the list of the best things that ever happened to me.  She was almost instantly a good friend, and she is an even better wife.



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