The Chickadee

May 31, 2011

We went for a walk Monday evening.  At the end of our street we found a chickadee in the middle of the road, blood coming from its beak.  I bend down and picked it up.  It didn’t fight or try to get away.  It weighed as much as a breath of spring air.  When we put it on the grass it flew lopsidedly towards a tree; hopefully to safety and recovery.  We don’t know if it will live or die, but at least it won’t starve in the street or be crushed by a car.

Not a chickadee falls that our father does not know about.  He knows the sparrows, so we are pretty sure he knows the chickadees too.  He tells the Canada Geese when to take flight, and they obey, because they know that a loving God is ordering their paths.  That which “science” calls instinct, I believe is something much higher.  I believe it is the voice of God speaking to and into his creation.

He is speaking into us as well.  Not only do we have all creation speaking of God’s eternal invisible qualities (Roman’s 1), those of us who have made the choice to follow Jesus also have the Holy Spirit.  He helps us miss the deer that is about to spring into our path, he also warns us not to take the wrongly chosen moral path we are considering.  He speaks quietly, yet clearly to remind us and encourage us when we need to hear that God is not finished with us, nor has he forsaken us.   He puts questions in our mind, people in our path, light in our darkness.

As gently as I removed the half-ounce bird from the street, the Holy Spirit lifts us from dreaded dead ends and hapless tailspin.  The bird that I will never see again was looked after and cared for for a moment.  I believe our path was directed East rather that West on that walk simply to save one of God’s creatures.  Isn’t my path even more carefully directed to ensure that I won’t stumble beyond recovery?

Oh, yours too.


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