Thankful for unconditional friends

May 30, 2011

I have friends that I can laugh or cry with.  We can work together, play together or sit around and do absolutely nothing together.  The will listen and not judge.  Sometimes they will sit a silently listen, sometimes the will give counsel, sometimes even wise counsel.   (It is sometimes emotional because they are indeed human friends.)

These friends are the kind of friends that I hope I can be, that I have spent the better part of my life attempting (failing) and attempting again to become.  With the power of the Holy Spirit it is the kind of friendship that is taking hold of me.  Not that I have already obtained it, but forgetting what is behind….

It is such a blessing to experience Godly, Heavenly friendship among earthly friends.  And to realize that God is making me into that kind of friend as well.

Christ-like friendships…you can’t get much better than that.


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