Thankful for my inadequacies

May 28, 2011

I am a pretty good storyteller.  Give me a bit of time to prepare, and an audience (of any age) and I can do a more than adequate job of not only engaging the audience, but getting the point across.  It is something that I have worked on, but mostly it is a gift from God.

I am fairly decent being a host, an MC, even a fall guy.  But when it comes to leading worship, I will always try to find someone else.  If there is no one else, I will have the backing track turned up loud.  Barely competent at singing, and almost always mixing up the signs, I try to find anyone, even a second grader with the right heart, who can lead worship.

I can lead, motivate and encourage.  I don’t know many people who can do those things well.

Don’t ask me to  paint a picture, repair a lawn mower, or really fix anything mechanical.  There are many other things I can’t do that well:  I am inadequate at many things, and I am OK with that.

It used to make me insecure to expose my inadequacies.  But these days I look forward to exposing my own weaknesses in order to expose, develop and rejoice in the strength of someone else.

Those things I can do a good job at,  I should.  Those things that I can do adequately, I need to work on strengthening.  But those things that I just am not so good at, my inadequacies, I need to leave behind, and stop worrying about them.

I had lunch recently with an auto mechanic.  He is an electrician on the side.  There would have been a time when I would have been jealous, or at least envious of his skill set.  Not any more.  Now I rejoice with him, celebrate his gifts until I have the opportunity to celebrate my own.  The time will come.  Soon.

I am thankful for my inadequacies.   It keeps me from being too independent.  I allows me (requires me) to call on others, to depend on others.

Especially God.


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