Thankful for my inabilities

May 26, 2011

I have been listening to Allison Krauss and Union Station.  But shortly before that I watched a video by Black Veil Brides.    There is a bit of difference between modern bluegrass and Glamrock, between Jake Pitts and  Dan Tyminski, but the musicianship is there, and I can be engaged, engrossed, perhaps even blessed by either of their disparate styles.

I’ve listened to Bela Fleck playing Scarlatti and Brahms – on the banjo!  And I’ve listened to The Scottish Chamber Orchestra playing Mozart Piano Concertos.  And as I write this I am listening to Jesse Cook.  (Rumba, Flamenco)

My taste in music is wide-ranging.  Yet I am almost always frustrated by my own attempts at making music.  The process for learning is arduous for me.  Building callouses on my fingers was easy compared to developing callouses on my ego.

Yet I am thankful that music doesn’t come easy for me.  I can appreciate almost any music so much more when I consider the discipline and practice that goes into a really good delivery, whether it is Mozart or Metallica or something in between.  I believe I enjoy worship music more because I understand better the price worship leaders must pay to be able to stand in front of a room full of worshipers and be totally prepared.

“Make a joyful noise before the Lord,” is not a command to be a musician.  It means to make my life an act of worship and thanksgiving.  If I can sing or play an instrument, cool.  But if not I can still worship.

I must.


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