The talking camera

May 22, 2011

Long ago when cameras used film, my mother-in-law had a talking camera.  I am not making this up or making fun, but when the lighting was poor, the camera would say, out loud, “Too Dak, use frash.”  I laughed every time I heard it.  Once I had to help my mother-in-law because she said it kept talking to her even after the flash was turned on.  When I took a look (and gave a listen) what it was  telling her was, “Road Frim.”  So we put a fresh roll of frim in, and it worked fine.

It was a novelty to be sure, but the Japanese – accented English was not terribly helpful.  But it is a reminder to me to speak clearly as well as intelligibly if I want people to understand me.  I could have the greatest message on Earth (and I think I do!) but if I am not understood, I am wasting my breath and wasting  your time.

Another lesson from this talking camera…be brief.  The camera would give a two or four word statement.  If only I could be so brief.

So I will try.


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