An imaginary walk can’t beat the real thing

May 18, 2011

We went for a great walk in the woods this afternoon.  It was raining so we had the park almost to ourselves.  We were able to hustle when we wanted, and we took the time to dilly dally a bit as well.  Walking in the woods after (or during) a storm can be interesting.  The atmosphere (light, sounds and smells) were perfect for a magical encounter.  I was sure that at any moment a  Gryphon or a Centaur would come crashing through the trees.  If I turned quietly at just the right moment a Dryad would peek out from behind a tree or a Naiad would surface from one of the streams.

I wasn’t expecting a Troll, Ogre or Orc, but it would have surprised me in the least if a Minotaur or a Manticore clambered through the afternoon mist.

Alas, no mystical beasts  appeared, but we did see two pair of Scarlet Tanagers chasing bugs by a waterfall.  That was pretty magical.

And so I was reminded to enjoy the everyday magic and mystery of life.   Spending time with my wife, even outdoors, can be more magical than anything thought up by any number of writers with initials instead of first names.  The Inklings can’t match a good conversation with my best friend.

I think, maybe, that God is pleased when we enjoy walks in the woods with Him.  I don’t think he would even mind if we just sat in a chair and talked with him a while.

And really, who gave the creative minds to all the people who thought up these magical creatures?  And can we think up one thing that is better than that which he created?

An imaginary walk can’t beat the real thing.


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