The May Altar

April 30, 2011

May-day!  As I grew older May Day became a distress call coming from fighter planes whose engines had been shot off, or whose fuselage had been breached.  I heard it in every war movie.

But before that there were May Poles!  And May Altars.  When I was a kid mom would give me a shoe box and some aluminum foil.  I would cover the box so it caught the light from every direction.  I would then go to the fields near our home and come back with a mixture of the following, if they were in bloom:  Lilacs, Pussy Willows, Marsh Marigolds, Lilly of the Valley, and a stem or two from a flowering choke-cherry.  With these blooms in a small vase, all that was needed was our Dashboard Jesus, and our May Altar was complete.

Except for the prayers.

Of course now I am forty plus years removed from that experience, I don’t remember the reason for the May Altar, except that it was May.  Guess I’ll have to call mom.

That of course makes me wonder how many rituals we fill our lives with, and then fail to remind ourselves why we do them.  I remember God instructing Joshua and Joshua instructing the Hebrews to look at the twelve stones piled up and remember, so when your kids ask, “Why are those stones piled up?” they would have a good answer; to remember the good things the Lord our God did for us when he dried up the Jordan River and let us cross, and when he delivered our enemies into our hands.  Those stones are there so we never forget.

Well I admit, I forgot the purpose of the May Altar.  But I have not forgotten the goodness of the Lord, my God.

How about you?  Do you remember his goodness toward you?  Can you make a list of his benefits and blessings?   Will you share it with me.  I think we could put together a ten-thousand-word- post if everyone sent me a list of the blessings they have received from God.  I’ll keep it anonymous,  but it one week I will post the list of blessings, and see how blessed we are simply to read the list.

Everyone who contributes will be entered into a random drawing for a special blessing, which I have not decided upon yet.  (How’s that for full and fair disclosure?)

Be blessed.  Share your blessing list with us all.


2 Responses to “The May Altar”

  1. Sue said

    I was so greatly moved by your post to create some Sabbath Day/ May Day fun for my children. My daughter especially caught the May Day Spirit and celebrated with a new recipe for Salmon! First, and foremost, I returned to a Church to Worship after 5 months of not participating. So, thanks for writing, which is why your blog is on my blessings list. Are you seriously going to post a msssive list? I’d be happy to contribute with the simple things in life that bless me, if you let me know where to send it? Thanks again for sharing your faith.

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