What would you ask?

April 25, 2011

I’m thinking about the days after Easter.  The first day after Easter.  I don’t know why we read about the disciples being, “alone together” when Jesus appears in their midst.  I would think that the only reason they would not hang around with him continuously is if he told them specifically not to.  I mean, I would think that they would stay up talking till three in the morning and then one by one drift off to sleep, their dreams filled with the empty tomb.  (Oh!  This is when Jesus sneaks out, after they all fall asleep.)   I would think they would follow him into the bathroom.  I would think they would have asked so many questions that the gospels could not contain all the answers, which is why they aren’t for the most part, written down.  John alludes to the fact that Jesus did so many marvelous things that there weren’t enough books to contain it all.  Perhaps the same is true for their post-resurrection conversations.

I would think, like a child hearing his favorite bed time story, that they would be saying, “Tell us again about…” as he filled in the gaps of their narratives and explained the previously unexplainable.  Oh, for a taste of those conversations.  That’s why John 21 and Luke 24 make such great reading.  That’s why I want to read Acts immediately after finishing on of the four narratives of the eye witnesses.  I would think the hair on the back of their neck was constantly tingling.

So I’ll leave these wonderful daydreams (I am by no means implying that they are wonderful to read, just wonderful for me to dream them.) with a few contemplative questions.

What would you ask Jesus about?  What would be on your mind as you walked down the road, picked figs, poached fish, and poked the embers in the fire?

Can you imagine the post-resurrection miracles?  No longer performed to prove who he was, but just to show his marvelous love.  Can you imagine the healthy laughter?  The holy tears?  The humble apologies from the apostles, and others who doubted?

Can you imagine how may times you would hear, and even say, “Oh, my!”

People who think heaven will be boring might be right…they obviously have no imagination now so they can’t expect things to get any better.  I don’t think I will ever run out of questions.  And the good news?  The “How come!”” department will never close.


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