April 19, 2011

I was looking for a document on my computer the other day and couldn’t find it.

It was there, (at least I think it was) I just couldn’t locate it.  Why?  Because there was too much stuff to wade through and I couldn’t remember what the file was called.  I have Word Files and Publisher Files, and everything is in alphabetical order, based on the names of the files that I gave them.  And I still couldn’t find the file that I had created and that I had named.  Too much stuff!  Too many words!

I need to go through all my files and delete any that I no longer use and/or are no longer germane to the direction my life and ministry are taking.  I’ll bet that 75% of my files would fall into that category.  Too many words carelessly tossed about and stuck in a file somewhere.

Every now and then I have a thought that seems to be worth sharing, sometimes I even feel inspired.  But when I look at the massive collection of mostly useless unnecessary words stuck together into sentences and paragraphs and pages, all I see is a bunch of letters.  And I think, of course you can always have one good idea if you have enough ideas.  Hopefully you won’t see the truly bad ones.

And from that thought:  Do I speak so many words that there is this big huge pile of words that people see?  Do you have to wade through so many superfluous files that you never hear the Truth or the Word?   Do I say so many unnecessary things that the important things are never heard?

Proverbs 10:19 says, “Those who talk a lot are likely to sin.  But those who control their tongues  (and their keystrokes) are wise.”



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