Why Easter

April 13, 2011

I’d rather doodle than create.  When I doodle I can toss it away without worry, when I create I want everything to be just right, and I hate tossing my creations, no matter how bad they may be.

I’d rather read fiction than learn something.  Oh, I love learning, but wasting time is so much easier.

I’d rather watch sports than participate.  I love participating in sports, but you know, that takes work. Watching sports, I just need to keep my mouth closed so flies do land in there.

OK, so there may be a bit of exaggeration in those thoughts, but we tend toward negative entropy when we are not being outright rebellious.   We lean towards laziness when we aren’t leaning toward lust.  We prefer the life of the scavenger/taker to the life of the builder/creator.

That is why we need Easter.  We are fallen and we can’t get up without help.  Divine help.  Christ provides just the help we need, just when we need it.

And when he has finished the work of saving us he begins the work of recreating us in his image, so that, as time passes,

I create rather than doodle.

I learn something rather than just atrophying.

I participate in life as well as in sports, rather than just watch life pass me by.


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